Bach Flower Remedies

Develops  will power to discontinue drinking ROCK WATER
Gives the reason for drinking by blaming his parents/ spouse WILLOW
Drinks to forget  worries, and other such problems AGRIMONY
Drinks if somebody offers a drink; ‘I always keep a limit’ CHICORY
Morning he promises he will give up drinking. Evening he takes it. SCLERANTHUS
Can’t refuse to drink if somebody offers it;

The temptation is so much that ‘I become mad, when I see the bottle’.

To break from drinking habit – base remedy.

However, if I break, my hands gets trembling; I become sleepless. Therefore I am unable to break the habit.

Feels guilty after he drinks PINE
Abusive – physical and shouts at others after drinking. HOLLY, VINE, CHERRY PLUM
Feels ashamed next day morning to face his people ROCK WATER
Steals money to fund his drinking habit CHESTNUT BUD
Life is to enjoy. I drink when I have money; otherwise I don’t. WILD ROSE
I drink to maintain my status. VINE
I become bold when I drink. MIMULUS

Note: One or more remedies have to be given based on the reasons cited above.

Gem remedy

CORAL for addiction to alcohol or drugs

Switch words

Restriction is the keyword for the switch word HOLD. It can restrict any type of addiction. Chant “CONCEDE CLEAR HOLD DIVINE”.

Mantra Healing

Chant the mantra “PASUPADHIM MAHAADEVAM” to come out of temptation, craving, addictions, and infatuation.

Chakra Healing

Addiction or craving for sweets means HARA CHAKRA is imbalanced. Extreme desires will lead to addictions and in turn depletion of Hara Chakra. Affirm, “My Hara chakra is rotating clockwise, at a nominal speed”. Please read the article related the effects of Chakra Rotation:

Star Healing

KRITIKA STAR can be used for healing addiction to smoking and drinking. Affirm, “Kritika, be active in the energy field of so and so person, for him to come out of addiction”. Refer the link to know more about Stars:

Animal Spirit Guides

For people who are addicted to smoking and drinking (drinking and smoking ruins one’s life), to save lives of such persons, CHIMPANZEE’s photo will help.

However, persons who are addicted to alcohol or smoking have to decide for themselves that it is bad for him to have those habits, and has to come forward for a de-addiction. Then only it will work. The methods which we have discussed are some of the methods by which we can correct them. Unless he is interested it will not be one hundred per cent successful.

Smoker’s recuperation – project DOLPHIN on them.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. I have a problem of trembling easily, especially on stage, or if I am in a new situation or say some argument happens on the road.

    I have tried taking Mimulus and rescue remedy before going to speak on stage but after a few minutes I start shaking. If somebody shouts while driving I have the same problem.

    My work involves presenting. It’s just exasperating to have this trembling behavior. What can I do to annihilate this from my system so I can be relaxed and do my best without this invisible demon in my head?

  2. jay,
    take the flower remedies ELM, RESCUE REMEDY and HORNBEAM

  3. Respected Sir,
    My Husband used to take alcohol during weekends and now he has increased this from weekend to twice or four times a week. When i ask him about this he gets angry and shouts at me saying that he knows his limit. But i feel the cosumption is slowly increasing and one day it should not become an addiction. If you see in his family his brothers drink and they consume even more than my husband.
    What can i do from my side so that he stops drinking or atlease reduce uintake. Please help

  4. Anu,
    contact the centre get the remedies and give him.
    chant TOGETHER HOLD DIVINE 100 times over a glass of water and give that water to him.
    Daily Thank him for breaking this habit of drinking.

    • Respected Sir,
      Thank you very much for your reply. I feel god has provided me a direction in life after i came across your website. i daily read the topics and blogs that are posted. I really wish i get a chance to attend the classes that you conduct

      I also have another query sir, i was offered a job around six months back but i was not able to take it as they had offered a very less increase from my current package. But i feel i should have taken the job as am not at all happy with my present job as the pressure is very high and there is no recognition for my work.
      Is there soemthing that i can chant so that am called again by the same company and they offer me a better package than before

  5. anu,
    write i accept myself totally i release my resistance to what divine offers DAILY FOR 51 TIMES.

  6. my father as habit of having scolding my mother very badly, simply shouts very loudly, so that neighbors listen and a bad impression, that my father is a drunk yard

  7. sir my aunt and daughter has a habit of superiority complex , that everybody should listen to her. almost all my relatives vote her that she is good. and bow to them. she as created a problem a black spot image on us so that none of our relative should meet nor help us nor talk to us. this as created a bad image on us. none of our relatives nor grany meet us. how to make a good relation with everybody and remove this black image which she as created on us in the society.

  8. Dear Sir Naranji
    Sir are you on Facebook i have seen Your name in Facebook but did not get any response from you since i last wrote on your facebook account.I trust it is You on facebook and not anyother person using your name.Kindly confirm me sir.

  9. Naran Sir,
    I had written on your FB account earlier also and got revert from Chris. But my problem is yet not resolved .
    1) my son is in 12th class but is distracted and doesn’t study.
    I was asked to chant Ambika mantra and I am doing it regularly.
    2) my son has developed smoking habit. He is addicted to his phone and gets irritated when asked to study.
    As per teachers he is a bright kid but needs to practice and study every day. Chanting “Ravi Kiran Ruchi Karan pariporanam.. ”
    I really need your help and want my son to study and get out of all his addictions.
    Sir, please help and really need a miracle. What else I have to do? . Please sir… I am Worried about him.
    He has to start studying it’s high time as his half yearly exams are from 11th Sept. Please sir.

    A mother in distress…

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