Love thy neighbors even if they are a nuisance


My neighbors are very inconsiderate. We live in apartments. The one on next to me filled the corridor with their own stuffs and smelly shoes, make a lot of noise shouting at one end of corridor to the other, openly criticizes us and do damage to our plant tearing the leaves (we only put one pot of plant and door mat at my door and nothing else not even shoes). We only keep quiet, to maintain peace.

The neighbor above us, throw litter into our house and make a lot of noises (such as jumping in wee hours of the night after 12 am), and also hang wet laundry above our laundry. On one case, we even saw a packet of urine caught on our window.

We really don’t know what to do.


Chant “BEECH HOLLY WILLOW IMPATIENS” over a glass of water and drink it.

Download a picture of PISCES and paste it on your flat door.

Do the forgiving exercise for them.

In the morning thank them mentally for not disturbing you.

Pray to The Mother for keeping these elementals away from you.


May I ask how many times do I need to chant the flower remedy each time? Do I have to chant everyday or just once?

Do I do the forgiving exercise and thank them everyday also?

The picture of Pisces can be just the symbols or need to have images of fish?

At the last sentence, you mentioned praying to the mother. ‘The Mother’ refers to?


When the problem comes, you can chant.

Chanting what is given is just an alignment with the divine. Forget your identity. Just merge with the Grace Words which are nothing but divine. Enjoy chanting. Do it any number of times.

These words do not bring about any result. They want you to surrender. Surrender to the divine and start chanting. While chanting do not think about anything.

Download zodiac picture of Pisces, and paste it on the door facing outside.

The mother means Aurobindo mother. That divine mother only knows how to drive out the unwanted elementals. Just say once to her daily.

LLM (after a month)

I can see improvement on the issues with my neighbor next door, no more torn leaves and cleaner corridor.


Thanking in advance will bring the result you desire. But before that you need to forgive them. Otherwise, thanking will not happen properly.

BEECH, HOLLY, WILLOW and IMPATIENS: remedies for harmony and to develop tolerance

PISCES: an astrological sign for having peace with your neighbor. Please check out the article – “Handling a Bad Neighbour”:

Forgiving helps you to release your anger about your neighbors. Anger cannot be used to restore harmony and peace. Forgiveness will bring them to you. To know more about forgiveness exercise, please refer the article: “How and why we need to forgive others”:


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Respected Sir NAranji
    Sir in this topic you have wrote to chant “BEECH HOLLY WILLOW IMPATIENS.. for neigbours , Can everybody chant for their Family Harmony between mother,son,wife, motherinlaw kids?and pasting picture of Pieces on front door outside will bring everything within the family Normal…loving caring with every members of Family.??
    Kindly reply.

  2. FTRRS,
    yes you can do. Add walnutcherryplum . Pisces will work for neighbours only.

  3. Hello sir,

    How are you? : )

    Since I have wriiten to you last about my family issues..and you asked me to stop controlling life around me.. I have now few worries .. 🙂 Things also look quite better..

    Can you let me know.. what should I do when I meditate.. my mind wanders around..

    One incident after i took up meditation really surprised me .. my inner voice warned me of a situation before hand.. so that i can avoid wasting time.. i was mighty surprised and awed..I want to explore more.. I am really getting curious.

    Also..if I don’t own a diamond..and want to bring a glow on my face with chanting..can that happen?

    Suppose I use the mantras to attain something..but according to the karma theory ..if I don’t deserve to get it.. then what manifests? Is it true that if I attain something that is not to be deserved by me acc. to my karma..then it will be subtracted from the karmic accounts of another life?

    I am still not getting any alliances for marraige..I am trying to tell myself..that it will happen whenever it is meant to happen..
    but sometimes i get really scared and start thinking negatively..please suggest.. how should i go about it?

    and thank you for helping us always! : )


  4. Radhika,
    meet me in person

    • Sir,

      I wish I could !! I live in Mumbai..

      Anyway..if I ever come to Chennai with my parents.. and I get the opportunity to visit you.. I will surely meet you.. : )

      Thanking you,


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