Court Cases

Find Life Answers

Let us say in the court proceedings, you want fairness in favor of you. You can directly talk to Dharma and Satyam and ask them, “Please be with me for next eight hrs”. They will be with you and will get the verdict in favor of you. When Satyam and Dharma accompanies a person nothing can go against the person. Call Dharma and Satyam and affirm, “As it prevailed with Lord Rama, please be with us”.

Bach Flower Remedies

For any nagging problems like court cases and adjournments take OAK with WALNUT and HORNBEAM.

Take WILD ROSE, when a person does not know where to go, what to do and whom to approach.

Don’t want to share

A Mullah Story – father left one house, 10 gold coins and 1 goat before passing away. Both brothers fought in court, spending lots of money on lawyers. By the time the judgment was given, only the goat remained. Judge told them to cut the goat in half and take half each. If one desires money for themselves, this is what will happen.

It does not matter even other person incurs a loss but it is enough if he gets a profit. That is the attitude of CHICORY. He will not share.

Lawyers can’t be liars

The opposite lawyer was telling lies and a patient of mine did not know how to handle him. Before going to the court, he visualized the court and affirmed “CHESTNUT BUD be in the court hall and sustain there for next 8 hrs”.  Interestingly, during the court proceedings, the judge told the opposite lawyer, “Yesterday you were lying throughout the day. If you lie one more time, I will give the judgment against your client”.  The lawyer kept quiet as he could not tell the truth.


How does body guide us? It guides us through pains. A pain is an indication that a part our life has to be mended. We may be fair in fighting a court case. We may be fighting for justice. But the body, if it pains, we have to withdraw the case.

Mantra Healing

For land-related disputes, chant NAMASHIVAYAM.

Unwanted court cases

Vikram: I want to avoid the financial crisis going on now a day with 2 unwanted court cases against us.

Naran: For court cases, chant “SRINIVASA ARAVINDHALOCHANA” – as many number of times as possible. To get money – “FIND COUNT NOW”.

Switch words

The meaning of CHANGE DIVINE ORDER is “change to divine order”. That means restore justice.

Stuck in a Court Case: “FIND DIVINE ON”


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. dear naran sir,
    even though we have won the 22 year old case thru supreme court, our cousin has still not vacated the land,he is demanding huge sum of money .Now we again have to go back to the court for eviction.How to get him to leave on his own sir.he is busy calling tantrics and burying their items thru the house.He also has cut up most of the trees.
    Thanks sir

  2. tilotuma
    chant MUSTARD ROCKWATER CHESTNUTBUD PINE GORSE CHICORY and write also for 51 times daily.

  3. My husband has filed a divorce case on me. I love my husband a lot and want to be with him forever. i don’t want this separation to happen. I’ll however have to contest the case, as I have already received notice from court.
    Naran Sir. Please suggest a remedy that may help us stay away from these court cases and advocates and help my family to re-unite.
    I’ll remain indebted to you my entire life.

  4. Respected sir,
    Gratitude in advance for helping.
    A year back i tried to sell my flat and the buyer and banker together tried to cheat me. So I asked them to cancel the deal and promised to return the token money. Now they filed a case saying they want my house. Sir please give me some switch words in which I will get my house back urgently. Thank you.

  5. Please sir ,
    Can you help me. I have a court case that might put me in jail. Is there a switch words that can help me?

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