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Naran S Balakumar

  1. Dear sir,
    this time appearing for IAS exam and its really necessary for me to pass both the prelims and mains exam. till now I have not got any success in my life please show me a way..

    • nandadevi
      take the flower remedies MUSTARD OAK CHESTNUTBUD GORSE LARCH- each 2 pills three times daily for four times till the examination.
      write 398 in a paper and keep it under the pillow

    • Sripally Deepika

      Hello sir,I’m deepika
      Please give me switch words for Stop drinking alcohol sir,my brother he is addicted to alochol complete .he did not have 1 leg also he is doing job but not leaving drinking alcohol.please sir atma namaste 🙏

  2. Dear Naran Sir,

    I m mansi from pune, from last 1.5 yrs i m trying to get conceive but i m not getting pregnant. Please help me with your advice.

  3. mansi
    take the flower remedies sweetchestnut oak walnut hornbeam 2 pills each three times a day.
    hang a picture of rabbit in the bed room

  4. Sir,
    Whenever I visit India, in 3-4 years, my experiences are not pleasant, from both my siblings side and my in-laws. All the long distance communication seems fine, but once we land, the behavior is quite contrast, after a day or two we get the feeling we are not welcome. Their expectations are too much and sometimes unreasonable,things are working because of my tolerant nature. At times we feel it is better to stay in a hotel, rather going through the obligation of having put up in their houses. Nothing is given to us for free always been reminded the things they do for us and what we do in return is our duty. After spending all our resources in terms of money, effort and time, the relationships look fake. Now that we have plans to go, the apprehensiveness is slowly building up and situations we might have waiting for us. I feel all alone in such situations, if our health gets upset in that environment we are ridiculed. There is total lack of element called ” love and harmony” and any effort in that direction is named as artificial and fake which amazes me, especially the siblings who we grew up with, how they change.
    I want our trip to be calm, peaceful, healthy and controversy free.
    Please suggest some remedy switch word/flower/mantra.

  5. Dear Sir,

    I am undergoing divorce proceedings in India as well as US against my husband. It has been a case of domestic violence, I have a court date on May 3 in Mumbai and it is ongoing in US, Can you suggest remedies wherein the law looks at principles of natural justice or can I make him realise the guilt and act rationally ? Also, I want things to settle down peacefully and soon. Any remedies for the same. Thanks
    A B Shah

  6. A B shah
    Take flower remedies Agrimony willow pine two pills each three times a day till the case is over.

  7. Vaishali jha

    Pl give me some remedies regarding success in competitive exams

  8. naran sir, i have thyroid problem.some times i have a range of 6,and some times it is 7,8 and 9 also,and i have left side pain in throat and i have dry toung ,i am using thyronorm 25 mc
    kindly suggest some mantra to come out with this problem and i have hair loss also very badly.

  9. A very different problem…a friend requested to mate our female dog with their male dog…..they were always calling us up wanting to take our dog to their home to play with…after our dog delivered pups they are now demanding that we give them three pups as they have committed to their friends… per rules we only have to give them one pup…but as we became friends I agreed to give them two…but now they want three…. I have already committed to others about the rest of the pups…can you please give me a solution to sort out this problem without any unpleasantness on both sides…..Thanks in advance

  10. naran sir ,my son is going to hostel next month for his B.E .which mantra should i receite for his consontration in studies and not to fall home sick .

  11. naranji namaskaram,I have pigmentation marks on my face and i am using many face creams since 1 year but my face is becoming black and marks still on my face.kindly give me some suggestions .

  12. Dear Naranji,

    I am married for 26 years and my husband is having illicit relationships with women all these years. My relatives adn friends wanted me to divorce, but somehow I could never do it. Now we have three grown up kids and he continues this way. Please give me a mantra where I can save my husband from these women and live a God fearing life.

  13. bj
    download a picture of black vulture and paste his name or photo on it.this will rectify the person who philanders with other girls.

    • Dear sir,
      A friend of mine US facing a similar prob. The guy is her boss n calls her talking all lewd n unethical stuff about fantasizing with her. This man is married with a child but he n my friend were friends earlier. Relationship didn’t go further as both castes are different. My friend is a Muslim girl, knows reiki. She can’t avoid calls as he’s her boss now. She has told him clearly several times not to have such obscene conversation with her but to no avail. Shall I tell her black vulture photo method. And does she need to chant any switchwords? Thanks in adv. Always grateful.

  14. Dear Naranji,
    Its been almost a year I finished school and did well but I cant get a job. Please suggest a mantra that can help me. Thank you

  15. ash,

  16. Respected Naran Sir

    I am chanting WATERVIOLET LARCH GENTIAN WILDROSE since three days , also wrote it and kept it inside the pillow cover and after a tiresome effort my loan application has been logged in today as per my knowledge. What should I do next so that the file gets approved immediately and also there are people sitting on my head and continuously pressurizing me for the money , how do I get rid of these people till I have my loan disbursed . Please advice


  17. Dear Sir,

    I have swelling in both lower legs and feet. It subsides when i take complete rest ie lying down for at least a day and again when i start to walk and do my duties the swelling stars to grow up again. This has been there for past twenty years. Doctors ask me me keep my feet raised or wear crip bandages and stockings. Iam a working women and find it impossible to do this daily. Am married 42 years old have a daiughter. Please suggest some remedies.

  18. doctors have identified it as oedema for no cause, and some say i could be filaria.checked thyroid and it is normal, checked if there is any block in bolld vessels, it is also normal, no heart complaints, no kidney complaints. Took even acupuncture for 6 months was doctor said it was block in lymphatic system and it was better. Am a diabetic and had cellulities in my leg twice during rainy season and am taking penedure injection every 21 days for the past three years.

  19. Sir,
    I am a Job seeker and have been writing many competitive exams, and could not find any success, most of the exams which I lost was for 2-3 marks,and I am preparing for last one year and could not get through it.I an expecting the result of 2 exams in the coming months and is waiting to write 3 more exam for governmental service.I an now 27 years old and I am very much depressed that I couldn’t find any success in any of the exam.What should i do please help me sir.

  20. Sir,
    i cant sleep during night. I feel as if someone is watching me or something evil is present . Also my dreams are usually bad and negative.. please help ..its been almost 4-5 months that i m having this problem

  21. Dear Sir,
    Can u give any strong mantra for iron clad protection for women n girls in our country looking at the recent upsurge if rapes and abuse. Something like umbrella protection-pranava roopini mantra. I’m already using the flower remedy card and given all women/girls I know who’ll follow. Thank you.

  22. Respected sir,
    my left foot has swelling due to sprain(slipped from steps) since one week please suggest any remedy

  23. hello sir.
    m in a urgent seek of solution from u.
    act m prepaing for ias exams,
    and wanna take coaching fr dat. bt I do hav
    home sickness n cnt concentrate on my
    studies n feeling some bad energy is holding
    me to progress,. m feeling m coward,
    insecure, helpless, anxious, fear,,,,,,,,,totally
    I lost my energy n m experiencing loss of
    memory power, …..
    Please help me out sir…..
    dis is last n big wish to become an ias
    officer. …

  24. Hai Naran ji, can you please give me a mantra to chant to get a job. Everywhere I go i am getting disappointment, I move to another country and still cannot get a job. Thank you.

  25. HI Naran sir, I am working on UPSC examination of 2014, my dream is to become IAS officer in Karnataka as I’m from karnataka. Also I want to clear the exam and become IAS officer in 1st attempt. (I am unable to concentrate and work hard for the exam. But i really want to succeed.) Please suggest.

  26. surendra.lakshminarayana

    Guruji, I have lost job and plannig to join hands with an old friend to be in business. We are exploring the possibility of getting VC funds for our new project. Pls suggest SW for getting this and successfully running the business

  27. guruji we are constructing a new house with good interiors all my relatives are very jealousy about us and i am very scare with they behaviour is they any mantra cd to keep in our new
    house or any mantra to recite personally or any remedy to do on house gruhapravasam day.

  28. My husband is very jealous of me he put more chillies in omlet he will eve let me cook I am having gas problem which is unbearable give me some mantra my husband to stop feeling. Jealous on me

  29. My husband is very jealous of me he put more chillies in omlet he will eve let me cook I am having gas problem which is unbearable give me some mantra my husband to stop feeling. Jealous on me

  30. My daughter wants to get into a college of her dream. But her scores have fallen short. The only tiny window of opportunity left is by making appeal stating her achievements and scores to admissions committee to reconsider her. Most of the the time these appeals are not looked into and in rare cases depending on how well the appeal is made it does get considered. My daughter has been working on assignments and taking courses for past 2years chalking out the path in the intended field. She is dejected that things did not pan out the way she expected it to. After much persuasion she wrote an appeal letter stating her aspirations, dedication, improvement in her scores. There are lot of other students who would have made such appeals. As mother I want her efforts to beget positive result.
    Kindly suggest some switch words, Bach flower or mantra remedy.

  31. Sir charansparash,
    Sir meri dono ankho main ARMD MACULAR PROBLUM 2014 se hain iss rog se din partidin muzko dhudla dikh rah hain. Puri parivaar ki responsbilty mare upar hain ek main hi kamane wala hu. LALITHUM LSMBODARAM…mantra din raat do mahine se jap rah hu par koi farak nahi pad rahe ya ti mera tarika thik nahi hain jasp ka kirpiya marg dikhaye main aapka sada aabhari rahuga.

  32. Dear Sir,
    I have been diagnosed with a small hole in the retina in one eye and cataract In the other. I also have floaters in both eyes. Please tell me how I can avoid operations and restore both eyes to perfect health.
    Gratefully yours

  33. Sir, from last 16 yrs my husbands family has made him go against me and my son. Plz help me so that the control of his family members reduces and he becomes a better father. Though I have done everything to please his family they have insulted me. And my husband is unable to see this and harasses me.

  34. Respected sir Iam in sales give support for my product selling, not earning coming, give heal for earning

  35. Respected Sir,
    My daughter is appearing for her 10th board exams in mar 19.Her 1st preboard is on and she is not doing well as per her capability.She is facing downfall in marks in her debate as well.She is losing confidence and I see my child crying who is strong and has never cried before for small things.Pls help her.Thank you so much in advance.

  36. Ankle swelling and pain in the calf muscle

  37. Please let me know the mantra to recover from GBS a friend’s son is afflicted with it.

  38. Naran sir namestey, sir I have pigmentation on my face and taken many treatment but they are not fading, face looks very black, pls suggest

  39. Namaste Naranji,I’m a follower of you.your mantras has helped me a lot.its 2 years we missed my sister son age 20 in bike accident.we have hope to bring him back,my sister is taking ivf treatment. Please bless us with a mantra for successful treatment. Thank you.

  40. Hello sir
    I want to do Angel workshop frm u
    Hw can I do so

  41. Hi Sir,
    My name is pushpa. My husband is very very much addicted to alcohol. when he starts to drink he drinks continuously and if he stops for 3 months continuously but when he starts it is unbearable to live with him when starts drinking. when he starts drinking he quits his job, steals money at home, starts making debts everywhere the whole day he will be drunk unbearable to tolerate him i put him to deaddiction centers every time after coming back from there he will be fine for few days and again he starts of drinking. this time i had put him for 6 months in an deaddicition center i brought him back a week ago. i dont want him to start his habit again so i request to please suggest a switchword so that he does not start drinking alcohol again and i will be happy atleast now he looks after me and my daughter well. i would be grateful to you. Thanks in advance


    My daughter completed her Master’s in Japanese Language. Now she wants to pursue further education in Abroad in (Public University) due to shortage of fund. I need your help because she is very good student. We cant expense too much money so she is hardworking to get any Public University because the tuition fee is very low in abroad (Admission already started and will close up to May 2021)

    Kindly give very strong switch words or remedy so can fulfill her dream..

    thanks a lot Naran sir

  43. Deepthi varma

    Hello I’m Deepthi Varma,
    I’m planning to start a clothing business. I know the idea will work. But some where deep down my thought says no it won’t. I feel scared to move forward. Is there a mantra to make decision? And for business to get success?

  44. Hi,

    How can I get a personal consultation with Naran Sir for my problems. I wish to get rid of my past memories which are giving me problems day and night. I want to forget some non sense people completely.


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