I fail in my competitive exams

My sister is trying for CA (Chartered Accountancy) and she has cleared foundation as well as Intermediate level one group. The other group she is writing for past 6 times and is not clearing at all.

Now she is very depressed. She is not willing to take up a job also. She wants to clear the exam. Our family is also very sad because of this. Every time she clears individual subjects but fails in group total.

Is there any mantra she can chant now so that she can clear her exam in May?

I do EFT for my problems but she has lost her trust. It’s not working for her and because I am also a beginner I do not how to help her.



Write her name in a piece of paper. Circle it. Draw another concentric circle. In the gap write 520. Keep it under her pillow.

One has to release one’s emotions. Then only anything will work.


Thanks a lot for your reply. I will ask her to do the same. I did not get the last part. How will she release her emotions? Does the concentric circle help her do it?


Ask her to chant, “Yum Hum Rum” (hum is pronounced as in humming and so on). This will help her release her emotions and accept whatever happened so that she moves on with required mental force.



520: the number for a miracle to happen. The energy will pass into her subconscious mind, while she is sleeping

Ambika mantra: to win and to succeed

Yum Hum Rum: are bija mantras that work on our throat, heart and solar plexus chakras.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear sir,
    please tell me a mantra which can clear the energy of a place and create positive energy. Or can I chant the name of a gem.

    Thank you.

  2. shaan,
    chant LALITHAM LAMBODARAM, LALITHAM BASKARAM LALITHAM BALACHANDRAM. When you chant this, any unwanted energy will be wipped out and the place is filled up with divine light and love.

  3. I am givin my CA exams and been failing..read the earlier comments wherein you asked to to chant the mantra, “AMBIKA ANAADINIDANA ASHWAAROODA APARAAJITHA” just want to know how many tyms n wn to chant this mantra and also the mantra “Yum Hum Rum”
    Also these chants have to be read while preparing or can also read after the examinations get over

  4. Akanksha
    chant the mantra, “AMBIKA ANAADINIDANA ASHWAAROODA APARAAJITHA” only. for 300 times

  5. Naran Sir,

    I am struggling proper allaiance for my two sisters for the last twenty years. Please help and advice me what to do for them? Elders say we affected by black magic. Plese help

  6. punidhavelu,
    take the flower remedies OAK CERATO AND WATERVIOLET. you have to take these remedies. Give your sisters SWEETCHESTNUT WALNUT HORNBEAM. marriage will take place.

    • sir, please suggest me something to get success in competetive exams where rank matters a lot so to get a good rank what should i do? and also what can be done to retain what i learn for a longer time

      • tanu,
        keep yellow sapphire picture below the pillow.
        Write 398 in a paper and keep it infront of the table.Meiditate on this number visualising it enetering you through your forehead and get stored in the brain. do this daily till the exams are over

  7. Hello Sir
    This is to tell you that my sister has cleared her exams.Thank you so much for the mantra.

  8. Dear sir Naranji
    A friend whose son has opened a resturent with a Partner.but the Partner is sometimes cheating him and takes advantage of him.regarding money matters .How to solve this problem.Would be very much helpful to make other person behave Honestly and work Honestly.What BAch flower,switchwords..any remedy english switchwords is useful for friend’s Son to take himself to take right disission?.Kindly advice.Thanks

  9. ftrrs,
    Give AGRIMONY, Rock water, chestnut bud to your friend’s son, two pills of each three times a day.

  10. sir i am going to give the cds exam again.in sep..In feb i have given this exam.I have also given other competitive exam but not able to clear.please help me bcoz this time it is really important for me to clear this exam.

  11. rakhee,
    write 398 in a paper and keep it with you.
    chant SLOW CARE MOVE ON DIVINE 100 times over a glass of water and drink it.
    write the above switch words in a paper and hang it in front of your study table.

  12. sir my name is vishwanath . my proble is that i am appring bank exam but what happen in exam hall i does not understend i cant thing in exam hall and my mind not work properly pls suggest me sir what i wii do

  13. vishwNath singh
    write WHITECHESTNUT HORNBEAM SLOW CARE in a paper and keep it with you. on the date of morning, chant this for five minutes

  14. Hello, my daughter is going to give her law entrance test on october 5th,2012. Could you pls help me to let me know what mantra or prayers can I do do for her. Her birth date is. September 17, 1987

  15. sir i love a girl deeply and sincerly and she too loves me that much only..and we both were relatives too…but when our parents came to know about this,they are not at all agreeing for this,pls tell me what remedy i should have to follow for happy marrage and happy family from both sides

  16. am nt cousin to her sir,we met each other as friends and later we came to know that am brother in law to her…pls gv me some solution to over come this problem sir…we love each other so deeply and we want to marry each other with the acceptance by both family elders…pls guide me what to do to remove missunderstandings between both of our families and to accept us by both families..- from phani

  17. sir i have done what you told me to do..but not able to clear my exam.sir pls help me .i reaaly want your help.
    this time also i am not able to clear it.i dont know what to do.please sir help me..
    i dont know when will be the notification will be out this time but i really want to clear it as it will be my last attemp.if i dont clear it this time i will be overage for giving this exam

  18. rakhee,
    take the flower remedies gorse imptiens

  19. Hello Sir,

    My Brother is going to take IIT Entrance exam on April 7th. He will be selected only if he comes within 1 and half lakh rank. Please help us.

  20. hi, sir,
    i am a 2nd year student doing bsc.honors n m failing in the same class from two years, with only 1 or 0.5 marks in only 2 or 3 subjects… even after working hard i am getting the same result, i am not understanding what is going with me.i am appearing it for the 3rd time again.i have lost my confidence, and is very tensed. please help me and suggest me some mantra… i want to pass this time in 2nd yr as this is my last chance.

    • Arpita
      take the flower remedies GORSE LARCH HONEYSUCKLE RESCUE REMEDY. Put 5 pills in 200ml water and have small sips every two hours

  21. hai sir.I am 2nd year student doing bsc.biotechnology.I am having my finals now.My problem is i forgot everything i learned very easily.My memory power getting very low.I am one of the top student in my college.Each semester i never fail to get deanlist award.Starting of this semester everything went wrong.I spent all my days studying and next few days i forgot what i studied..next week tuesday i having tissue culture paper.I already cover most of the chapter few weeks back but when i try to recal now nothing in my mind now sir.It make me depress.i dont have much time to study again everything because i have to cover other subject as well.what should i do sir?do you any mathra that can help me to remember what i studied.I noow its sound silly but believe me sir i am not come from rich family.I really have to score my papers well.

    • abby
      Take the flower remedies, Gentian hornbeam scleranthus oak chestnutbud. Put 5 pills of each in a 200ml water and sip that water daily for about 6 to 7 times.

  22. Hello Sir,
    I’m a 3rd year Bsc Bio student. I am about to take an entrance exam for Medical school, since I had my final exam last week I couldnt prepare well and only have a week left to do the studying and review. I desperately need your help, anything to succeed with points enough to get into a medical school. (which is pretty high)

    Thank you

  23. Hello Sir,
    My brother sick since January, he travelled to canada to study in Sep, 2012 and from january he got joint pains and back pain he was not able to walk, now he came back, he is under medication for now 1 week. still he is have all the pains. please help

  24. I am going to attend interview based on versant and vantage , and belit (communication test). I need to clear this test to get the job. please help me to succeed in the test.

  25. mr . yashwant sahoo

    Namaste sir , My daughter results for her post graduation competitive exam for higher medical studies came out & she didn’t fare well , so she is upset , i would like you to suggest some remedy so that next time she comes out with flying color by working hard
    than you

  26. mr . yashwant sahoo
    write 398 in a paper and keep it under her pillow.
    during the exam chant ambika mantra

  27. Aarush kapoor

    how the beej mantra yum hum rum is pronounced ?

    Like yum hum rum or ym hm rm or yam ham ram ?

    Please help.
    I’m in need of help please help me
    And tell me how to remove black magic from my home because one person had done black magic to my house. Please help in removing black magic from my house please please help me.

    Please help please.

  28. I m writing cs exam that is executive program module 2 and I m nt wel preprad I need to clear my exam otherwise my family wil nt allow me to study so plz help me out to clear this exam and my exam is on 5.6.2013

  29. k amalesh gandhi
    You should have had this fear at the start and prepared well.
    call wolf for this and hereafter realise your responsibility. Time is golden.

  30. I am preparing for a competitive exam to study in usa. I would like to take up the exam within this year and should get scholarship for my results without much money required since money i cannot afford for studying in USA.. But that is my passion i some how want to study in usa without anyone’s help with money. I should get divines help purely in this and want to be successful Please help sir. I am calling animal spirit rooster for this and also number 398 and ambhika mantra. anything specific for my situation ? I want it to happen soon by the end of the year i would like to be in USA by successfully completing my exams admissions and visa to move to USA. It is too much to ask but now i am having the hope in divine. Only divine can solve the problems they should agree for what i need. Kindly help ji.

  31. junju
    till exam this is enough

  32. when i start preparing i am being distracted and not focusing on achieving my goal. Everything else seems interesting when i take my book. But i want to successfully prepare for this competitive exam and get a scholarship to study in USA. as soon as possible. i should put my effort in achieving my goal. not being serious when it comes to this exam.

  33. Sir,
    I am a Job seeker and have been writing many competitive exams, and could not find any success, most of the exams which I lost was for 2-3 marks,and I am preparing for last one year and could not get through it.I an expecting the result of 2 exams in the coming months and is waiting to write 3 more exam for governmental service.I an now 27 years old and I am very much depressed that I couldn’t find any success in any of the exam.What should i do please help me sir.

  34. Respected Naran Sir,

    Firstly, i would like to thank you, your mantra helped me to achieve my goal with great difficulty i have reached US.Please help me sir , my mind is constantly wandering and i have to give my very important license exam for job in july.I am not able to retain anything what i read and not able to concentrate at all.Please help and guid eme sir.

  35. Sir I have cleared upto CA IPCC both groups. I am giving my CA finals since nov 2015. I have given 7 attempts uptil now. I Have my exams in may . It starts from 27th may 2019. I am giving single group , first group. Please help me. What should I do to clear my exams this time?

  36. I am average student but I want Government job… how can I clear my competitive exam ..PLZZ reply me…

  37. Sir
    I’m going to appear for ielts exam for canadian visa suggest me something to get 9 band in exam .

  38. Dear sir, i was an intelligent and clever girl. and also got higher ranks in exams…But from last three years… i am soo boring to do studies and also i forget what i study very fast… i cant memorize them… and also i cant concentrate on studies…. because if these i failed last exams….. actually i want toenter medical college…. so please sir give me a soution for these problems….

  39. Namaskar sir
    I am an average student. Right now i am married and have a 2 year baby. I want a permanent government job quickly. Please tell me how can i get that quickly
    Thanks and regards to you and universe

  40. Namaskar sir, I am suffering from nasal polypsDue to this I am enable to breath easy,So please suggest any switch word for breathing easily,Thanks.

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