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Instructions To Invoke Stars

Each star has a resource or potential. You can request them to be with a person, be with us, or be active in our house. You can call and invoke them.

They have different combination of rays – some has three rays, and others five or six rays. Which means, when they travel they come in the form of certain no of rays.

  • Don’t try two stars at a time. It shows your anxiety to heal something. Try one thing at a time.
  • I tried and sharing some benefits I witnessed. There could be more. Therefore, Dare 2 Do IT and share your experiences with others.
  • We can invoke them like animal spirits and flower remedies, though we have to be in a certain position. Be in the sitting position, with no crossing of the legs (read the section below).
  • Affirm like this, “Ashwini be active and sustain in the energy field of me”; or we can pray to it, “Ashwini please heal so and so”.
  • Program for 24 hrs at a time.
  • Just intention will do.

Position to do this Exercise

It involves four breathing cycles:

  1. First cycle: inhale, and hold the breath for one second. Visualize on inhalation, a ray coming from above the head, into the crown chakra and entering into the hear chakra. Hold that ray in the heart chakra.
  2. Second cycle: inhale, and hold the breath for one second. Visualize energy coming from the earth towards heart chakra (from below).
  3. Third cycle: inhale, and hold the breath for one second. Visualize a ray coming from the heart, down to the right foot; goes through it, comes behind the right foot and moves upward; and over the right shoulder back to the heart.
  4. Fourth cycle: inhale, and hold the breath for one second. Visualise ray coming from the heart, moving upwards; over the left shoulder; behind the back and downward to the left foot; from the left foot, moving upwards on the front, back to the heart.

Why we do this exercise? When the energies of the stars enter us, the rays of the light are too strong to bear them. Therefore, we have to ground them and handle them properly.

Though you call them in singular name, visualize five rays for all the stars, when you are not sure of the no of rays. Even if you do it wrongly, it will always flow as certain no of rays. Before you could visualize, it will flow. This is the theory behind polarity. The moment you think about the rays, polarity is established.

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