Emergency Situations

Bach Flower Remedies

Rescue Remedy

Rescue Remedy is a combination created by Edward Bach himself. It is a combination of ROCK ROSE, IMPATIENS, CLEMATIS, STAR OF BETHLEHEM and CHERRY PLUM.

For any emergency situation, Bach Flower RESCUE REMEDY is the remedy. This will always help the patient.

Two days before the surgery, you will be admitted in the hospital; they will do all checkups; start taking RESCUE REMEDY then.

This is useful to get the patients out of coma.

Bleeding will stop if you splash RESCUE REMEDY water over the bleeding or intake the pills of Rescue Remedy.

Whenever a function is organized, you don’t want any children to fall and be in the hospital. In western corner of the house (or the hall) if you put two to three pills of RESCUE REMEDY in a glass of tumbler, no untoward incident will happen to children.

For mental as well as physical shock; the surgical wound will be healed faster especially for diabetes patients: STAR OF BETHLEHEM.

Other remedies

Give WILD ROSE to develop enthusiasm and jest for life, which crucial for anybody to be alive in an emergency situation.

Whenever you go to a railway station or airport, if you are afraid that there might be a bomb blast, or a terrorist attack then chant ASPEN.  You will safely reach your destination.

If anybody – close friends or relatives, is admitted in the hospital we will get restless. In this case RED CHESTNUT and RESCUE REMEDY will help you to come out of your worries.

If a person is admitted in the ICU, chant RESCUE REMEDY, SWEET CHESTNUT and RED CHESTNUT. They will be discharged and placed in the normal ward. Even if they don’t get discharged immediately, it can help the patient get relieved from ICU faster. If you can go into ICU keep the paper with the name Rescue Remedy written under the pillow of the patient.

Patient is beyond hopeless state and one comes to a conclusion, ‘God alone can help me’. Doctors had given up and say that the patient will be alive only for 24 hrs. In such a situation, a patient will come out of danger if he is prescribed Bach Flower Remedy SWEET CHESTNUT. Write the patient’s name and circle it with SWEET CHESTNUT and RESCUE REMEDY.

Mantra Healing

LALITHAM CHANDRASEKARAM, if chanted alone, works like the Bach Flower remedy, Rescue Remedy, during emergency situations. We don’t want somebody to be like a vegetable in the ICU room. We want them to come out alive and do well. Then, chant “LALITHAM SADASHIVAM LALITHAM CHANDRASEKARAM”

Violet Flame Prayer

Do the VIOLET FLAME PRAYER or MEDITATION, when the situation goes out of control and things are not manageable. It helps you to manage the situation. It’s a prayer for emergency.

Violet flame is equivalent the Fire Rituals done by Hindus.Do the Violet Flame Prayer as follows, “I AM A BEING OF VIOLET FIRE; I AM THE PURITY OF GOD’S DESIRE”.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Namastey Sir,i need ur help urgently sir.i hv a press.bt after the cheatfund scam in westbengal so many offices get closed and as a result i am nt getting contracts.it is d only source of income sir,i hv a family.plz tel me any switchword or prayer so that my work wl run again smoothly.Thanks in advance.

  2. how get rid the mental stress, please tell sir. some times we go blind.

  3. Dear Sir,

    On the 8th night, my cell phone went missing. I was dropped by cab, as I am in night shift. As I didn’t have the number of the driver, I could not phone back and stop the cab. I checked back the next day, the driver said he didn’t see it. My intuition tells me that it must be him or some other employee; A few other employees also seem to have traveled in the cab the next day. There were many old photos and numbers in that phone’s memory card.

    Please suggest me a remedy so that the person who has taken it hands it over to the the authority and that it reach me. Or that I may find it.
    I tried chanting REACH.
    I am even willing to write the remedy if required.



    CERATO: searching for cell phone

    ROCK WATER and CHESTNUT BUD: a combination used, either to find if your object is lost or somebody has taken it.

    REACH: to know where it is misplaced

    NOW: find it now

  5. Can I write them in a note in the morning? If so how many times?


  6. Sir
    I have applied for a loan of thirty lacs which if I don’t get in coming three days I would land up in severe problems for me and my family . please help me URGENTLY.

  7. Sir, after chanting I am getting clear visions that it is with the driver/ other employee. The phone is not at home.
    Please do suggest me a way in which they change their attitude and return the phone back to the office/supervisor(where I work) so i can collect it. Please suggest me a remedy specific to this situation…

    I have great belief in your systems and I am sure..


  8. Dear sir,

    I tried calling wolf. I felt a strong insight that the mobile is kept unused somewhere by the driver. Can I have switchword pertaining specifically that he return my mobile?

    Thanks and regards.

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