Self Defense for Women

Protection against bullying, ragging, eve-teasing


Although I live in Canada but very much in love with my motherland India.

In the last two months so much crime in the form of rape is happening in our society.  It is really painful to see that even 4-5 yrs old-young girl child are being the target of sick mentality animals with a body of human are in our society.

How to prevent such animals to commit these heinous crimes?  I know if we chant, pray or meditate together then any problem can be solved and we can save more girls to fall prey to this heinous crime.

Any words or meditation will be good to keep our kids, daughters and sisters from another mother safe in today’s society.



CENTAURY – mental will to resist

MIMULUS – not to be bullied

PINE – not to be a victim

ROCK WATER + CHESTNUT BUD + VINE – for protection against getting beaten up or sexually harassed

ROCK ROSE – to be helped instantly

This combination is available as a picture card, with the pictures of the Bach Flowers Mentioned in the combination along with the switch word GUARD. Please contact the centre to buy the card.

If you are happening to be in Delhi during March 30th attend the workshop conducted by Naran to learn more about life-savers.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. little girls can not chant this.. can mother chant on behalf of her daughter.. or we can write on paper and give it to kid..

  2. Picture Card is available in the centre. They can keep it.

  3. Dear Naran,
    I was mentally worried about a week ago as i had a bad dream that had my 11 yrs old daughter in a scary situation.I woke up all upset and had decided to email u get advice from u to protect them from perverts etc and to my surprise see ur post on self defense for women.U helped me even before i asked for it.
    I worry too much abt my daughters.What did my dream mean?
    Please help me get clarity here.
    Thank u

    • uma
      you regularly take Redchestnut Aspen rescue remedy.
      put 5 pills in 200 ml water and sip that water daily four or five times.
      do it for two months

  4. sir, I have remedies CENTAURY + MIMULUS + PINE + ROCK WATER + CHESTNUT BUD + ROCK ROSE + VINE that u have suggested for Self Defense … can I take it orally or can i chant or can i write on paper and keep with me….can we give pills to daughter also..

  5. Dear Naran ,
    Is there any remedy (switch word /bach flower) for delaying puberty in girls.My daughter is only 81/2 and showing very strong physical characteristics?Secondly , we are taking a roadtrip to New york in a couple of days.What can I chant so that it does not feel like a 11hr drive(its a doctors appt ) and that everything works out well for my family.

  6. uma
    always bow to the dvine order
    chant thanks divine order

    • Thank you.Also wanted to share my experience that happened yesterday.My daughter had tested for enrolling in advanced math and language program here.She qualified for the language and art program but missed in Math much to my disappointment .I read in one of ur answers to chant” Care Divine ” and guess what …the principal called yesterday , someone I have never met or even spoken to yet saying that they are making an exception for my daughter because she is almost at the level that they use for screening kids that are ahead of their grade level and that its is only the second time that they have made such an exception.
      I’m ecstatic and it has made my daughter happy too.Thank u from the bottom of my heart .
      Now if only the doctors can tell that my husbands diagnosis of stage four lung cancer is wrong and that he’ll make a full recovery.,our lives will be complete.

      • UMA
        CARE is a switch word which makes every one to view and assess everything carefully. When one views anything carefully, he will not delete or distort the event.
        Care can be used for diagnosis and to suggest alternative methods of treatment also.
        add GORSE CARE DIVINE for your husband

  7. Thank you Naran Sir,I always get emotional reading ur replies.I will chant GORSE CARE DIVINE .God willing everything will work out.
    Pls advise on helping my daughters become bold, they are very shy and timid.They don’t stand up for themselves when they are bullied.Just yesterday my daughter came home sad and told me that a classmate has been picking on her.What can I do to help?I do chant MIMULUS sometimes and also gave them a piece of paper with the self defense switch words.pls advise

  8. uma

  9. Dear sir ,
    I am a victim of gender discrimination no where outside but in my own home. my parents always wanted a boy though i have a younger brother and they always favour him. i am 21 and i still feel unwanted in the house. i feel i have no family. nobody to take care of me. nobody to support and understand me. i have tried in every way to adjust and be strong enough to handle things all alone. but i have no more strength left in me. now a days each second these thoughts come in my mind again and i feel very much depressed.
    please suggest something.

  10. tanu
    take the flower remedies CHICORY HOLLY HORNBEAM 2 pills each three times in a day.
    In the night take whitechestnut walnut before sleep. put 5 pills in a cup of water and have it.

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