Seek the Help of the Universe – Your Friend

I am jobless and I don’t know who will call me for an interview

  • When you send your CV to a company, imagine the Universe as the postman, who delivers your CV to the concerned person. “Universe I am sending this CV to you. Please deliver to ……(name of the company)
  • Wait for five minutes.
  • You don’t know who will be handling your CV. Imagine yourself as that person. Say within the mind, “I have received this application. I am happy about the qualification of this person. He is the right guy for me” and so on.  He sends a reply back to you through the Universe – the postman, saying, “I would like to meet …….. (Insert your name) on ……. (mention the date)
  • Wait for five minutes. Now switch roles. You become yourself. Imagine that you are receiving letter requesting you to attend the interview. Send a reply back that you will attend the interview. Follow the first step.
  • Wait for five minutes. Now switch roles. Become the person who is going to do the interview. Whatever the next step that will happen in a typical interview, imagine as though that is happening.
  • Do all the necessary steps that will culminate in you getting a job.
  • Go back to your normal day-to-day life, leaving it (your job) to the Universe to make it happen.
  • Till manifestation of what you want, chant “QUIET MIND OPEN HEART RELAX.” 

I am jobless, I was interviewed and waiting for the result

  • You (Ravi) have attended an interview in a company XYX. You were interviewed by let us say by person named James
  • Ask the Universe to convince James that you are the right person for the job.
  • Wait for five minutes. Now switch roles. Take the role of James. Imagine, “Ravi is the right guy for the job. I am going to call him to come tomorrow to give the offer to him”. He passes the message to the Universe to deliver it to you.
  • Wait for five minutes. Now switch roles. You become yourself. Accept the meeting and pass the message through the Universe.
  • Continue the steps needed until it ends in getting you the job, with the salary and the position desired by you. 

I am looking for an investor

You have a great business case, but lack money to start the business. Ask the universe to pass your business proposal to the person – who can invest and who is looking for a good business idea. Universe helps you to meet him. Again, use your imagination, figure out the steps and using the Universe, execute one step at a time, by switching to the required role.

How does this work?

Every thought and every word goes to the universe. The Universe is a meeting place of desires, intentions and fulfillment. It is the Main Post Office, where everything is sorted out and delivered to the right person.   It decides what we get, how we get it and when we get it.

That is why one has to quite the mind, open the heart and be relaxed.

Treat Universe as your friend, who helps you to get your desires fulfilled. You don’t need elaborate rules to talk to a friend. Try this simple technique, with your imagination set free, and you are sure to fulfill your dreams.

Some example from ancient Indian literature

In the story of Nalan and Damayandhi, Nalan will ask the Swan to deliver a message to Damayandhi, when they were living in different countries.

Here, we are asking the Universal mind to reach the concerned person and deliver the required message. In the first case, we don’t know who is going to give us the job, but the universal mind knows. In the second case, we know the person, but we don’t know how to get across the person, for it might be considered as an intrusion.

So, seek the help of the Universe to work for you, be it a job, business or relationship.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. hi sir wil this work out for getting a perfect partner into our life.if so what we have to do? the same process or different one.pls suggest for me sir

    • the method is universal. That is why it is published. change it as per the wish and do this, without any expectation.
      Based on this a cd can be prepared as a guided meditation. But this can be done as per each requirement. For which discussion with me is necessary. i.e. you have to mail me.

  2. This is exactly what I need. I am so thankful!

    • Hello Sir !
      My job is on contractual basis in a central government institute.No permanent position they are offering. I want my job to become permanent in this institute.How should I get help of universe?
      Love Thanks Divine

  3. jyoti,
    daily in the morning say three times. I THANK THE DIVINE FOR MAKING MY JOB PERMANENT.” Then forget about trusting that the universe will take care of that.
    Thank all the colleagues management staff your work your salary, and your office daily while going to the office.

  4. Sir can i make universe my friend to make my love relationship strenghten by same way?

  5. Today my daughter, 6 year old fell in school and got small crack in her right hand.Doctor put plaster to her hand,at first she was alright ,after 1-2 hour ,she started saying that she was feeling hot in hands..and crying.I tried lot to comfort her.I gave her WALNUT, RESCUE REMEDY.She was telling us to cut this plaster ,I dont want fracture,I dont want this,it’s hot inside.We both parents felt so bad.

    Pls help me what can I do for her…for her speedy recovery,,also for her uneasy feeling for her plaster.Plaster will remain for atleast 3 weeks.

    Thank you

    • A technique I learnt from Naran yesterday, which I will explain later. For now just do it.It will work for sure.

      “I release the part in me that makes her feel uncomfortable and unhappy”.
      “I am open and align with the part in me that brings in her speedy recovery”

      You can change the affirmation to suit your situation.

      Naran explained to me yesterday evening 7.30. Trying out the technique I feel so excited, I hardly slept tonight.

      Take care

  6. My daughter is quite happy ,relaxed and comfortable now…much much better than before.
    Thank you….
    Sorry for asking again…but I m so desperate know “new technique ” that you have mentioned in above reply.

    • I said this is a new technique, which is based on the principle that we make others react in a certain way and I will explain it later.

      You have already seen the blogs today and you will see more. In fact, your earlier question How to Surrender will be answered soon.

      Wait for the blogs in the future.

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