Gems from Colour Therapy Class July, August 2010

Benefits of listening to Surya Sadhagam

Listen to Surya Sadhagam, which is very difficult to recite. So it is better to listen. It is a Sarvoraga Nivarani (all-healing capsule).

Pithukuli Murugadoss is a great singer, who could only see from one eye. He lost the eye sight soon after. The Kanchi Guru Paramachariar asked him to listen to Surya Sadhagam.

Murugadoss listened to the recital of it for a while and soon he regained his sight. That’s the power of Surya Sadhagam.

Another case study

“I followed the techniques taught in your Solar Reiki class. Soon after that I had developed Itching. Then I got healed after I invoked the energy of moon”.

Naran: Sun has pointed to you, that you need to heal kidneys, which you have healed through Moon – a representation of water. Zonar water would heal any kidney imbalance.

Regarding Moon – another healing source

Moon doesn’t emit any colours, though it has a lot of healing powers.

If it goes near sun then it would be Amavasai and goes away by 180 degrees, it would be a full moon.

Moon is the source of healing energy for all herbal plants. They can’t survive without that.

Thought Less Using Bach Flower Remedies

A person having thoughts about future, give them Clematis.

Give Chestnut bud if he has different thoughts.

If the person has same thought circulating in the mind, then give him Bach Flower Remedy White chestnut.

Most of the aged people, most of the time, will be in the past. The Bach Flower Remedy Honeysuckle can be given.

We age and become old as thoughts make us age. So be THOUGHT LESS.

Not happy about your boss

If you are not happy about your boss, giving you work unnecessarily, trying to tie you up in the office, do the forgiveness exercise. You may take Bach Flower Remedies Centaury, Holly, and Pine.

Spinal Chord Not Flexible

Your uncle is suffering, who is in USA, and who couldn’t be receptive because the pain is too much to bear. But you are worried. You need to come out of it. So it is better you invoke Violet flame and come out of your worries. Affirm, “My uncle is a being of Violet Fire. He is the purity of god’s desire”.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Sir,

    My body is becoming thin. But I am active. Everyone is asking me why I had become lean ? Please tell me sir what could be the reason.
    I do reiki and after disconnect it. I feel that my body is draining energy.

    Please suggest a remedy.



  2. Have you attended Reiki colour therapy. Then you would have known how to be free from being drained.
    anyhow, watch your diet. supplement it with necessary vitamins and minerals.
    Are you passing urine well?
    chk. How much water are you drinking? let me know.

    Take 500ml of water in the morning before brushing your teeth. then brush your teeth. Take coffee or tea after 30 minutes.

    • Thank you sir.

      I had attended reiki colour therapy. I practice green colour mostly. Shall I continue the same colour ? Please let me know.

      As you said, I will watch my diet sir. I drink lot of water at home and as well as at office. I will supplement with necessary vitamins and minerals. I am passing urine well. The problem is as soon as I get up from bed, I will brush my teeth and then drink 2 glass of water then immediately I will drink tea. Please tell me reiki colour remedy sir.

      Love thanks divine


  3. Take 500ml of water in the morning before brushing your teeth. then brush your teeth. Take coffee or tea after 30 minutes.

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