Multi-Dimensional Healing for Back Pain

Multi-Dimensional Healing for Back Pain

Pain Remedy Type Remedies
Lower Back Pain Mudra Healing Do Chin Mudra and Chant “JOE LEU” (or) “Wung R Hong” (Chinese Mantras)
Lower Back Pain Gem Remedy Nine Gems and Yellow Sapphire
Lower Back Pain Acu-Reiki            GB – 30, 34, UB – 11, 20, 40,  SI – 3,  LI – 4,  GV – 3, 4, and 6
Lower Back Pain Bach Flower Remedy Means require support. Chicory (needs support), Hornbeam and Centaury (has no back bone)
General Back Pain Bach Flower Remedy Oak for pain due to over work, Pine for pricking pain and Rescue Remedy for unbearable pain.
For any Basic Chakra related problems, like back pain Mantra Healing Lalitham Sridharam (or) Om Lum Namaha and Om Vum Namaha

Case History

Rajesh had a severe lower back pain. He was feeling weak and found it difficult to walk for more than 5 minutes at a time. Neither could he sleep well. He wakes up at least 5 to 6 times during his sleep. So he could never feel fresh and brisk in the morning.

He was advised to chant “Om Lum Namaha” and “Om Vum Namaha” before going to sleep. He did Safe and Secure Mudra while chanting the mantra. Within a week he found significant progress. He could sleep well within 10 minutes of chanting. Also he didn’t wake up during sleeping hours, which increased his energy levels. Because of this, he could comfortably do yoga in the morning too.

To know more about Safe and Secure Mudra:


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Can you pls suggest me bach flower remedy /switchword for my upper back pain ,that I got suddenly in afternoon,seems like it’s a sprain.
    thank you.


      Do Meru Mudra and Vallabham Mantra
      be in the sitting position, spine relaxed and the thumbs up position as in the picture, hands on the lap.
      I used to do one more thing whenever I am tired. Lying down without a pillow, I will keep my legs on the sofa, so that blood will flow on the spine and head.

      I think you are tired – mentally and so physically (on the heart chakra) – Tired Home-Maker I guess. If I am correct chant the mantra Guru Guhan Kodi Kodi Lavanyam to tone up your heart.

      • I don’t if mantra will work for me now…as in one blog Naran said that energy will be rejected …

        • Sorry for the typing mistake,what is other alternative other than chanting mantras

          • Quiet Mind Open Heart Relax

          • To your personal ID I have sent you a book. It has the picture of the pose I mentioned.

            • Back pain has subsided now..thank you..
              I always get success for these short term issues.
              Just struggling with my weight issues ….

              • “Everybody has one Suzhi” – I used to say. Suzhi (loop) means the curly hair, which you can’t do anything about. I am the only person in my family who has one in the front side of my hair.

                In the same way, every single person has one or two problems that they cannot solve overnight. Just other day, I realized why I had recurring problems in my relationships, after working on it for more than 10 years with Naran. Thanks to power life symbol 4.

                I just got fever and suffering from it for last few days, and I know it was because of the anger inside me.

                Why I have taken so long to understand the culprit inside me?

                Of course, understanding is one thing, solving it is another. But, I will. The one compliment I got from Naran few years ago is I have lot of determination. You need that today regarding your weight issues.

                My sister used to tell me, if somebody look at me, they will know the value of Naran’s teaching because of the impact he had in me.

                But, there are few areas I am working, still working and will be working until I die. The day I finished my learning I will die for sure.

                Why not I enjoy the small success on the way?

                From “Life is Easy”:
                “In fact, in some areas of life, whether you like it or not, he has to go through certain COMPLEX problems, and will be forced to learn lessons that he needs to learn. Meanwhile, why not in other areas of life, he can lead a relatively SIMPLE existence?”

                This is the motivation behind Life is Easy blog.

            • Thank you R Mohan for such a wonderful elaborate reply and helping me.I really feel blessed.
              Yes ,In certain areas of life I m really very lucky..specially in relationships,be it with my with my parents,or with my friends ,with my husband ,my daughter..they all are so loving n caring for me .
              Can you pls suggest me some bach flower remedy or any other thing that you feel right for me to handle my emotions regarding my weight issues and to get direction in which area of my life I have to work as I m getting restless and desperate.
              With Deep Gratitude…

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